Easter Sunday 2012

Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring has Sprung in the Holmes' Home

 Just a touch of spring for my table! I love tulips and hyacinths!!!

Ready for the Rain

Yesterday we had severe thunderstorms and rainy weather and Miss Priss insisted on wearing her rain gear!!! So here she is, cheesy grin and all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun Pics of Beatrice

Last weekend my sister wanted to get Max's pictures taken while she was visiting, so I contacted Tyler Culpepper http://tculpepper.blogspot.com and set it up for him to come to the house. Max had some beautiful pictures taken which you can access at http://megandpj.blogspot.com, but when Tyler finished with Max, he took Beatrice outside for a minute to her playground and took some shots of her. I thought they were so fun and bright!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our trip to Israel in November

 Wanted to post pictures of our trip in November to Israel. This first picture is our little group with whom we traveled.
 We met the rest of the groups in Israel. We had 60+ people from our church that went on the trip. I was a little apprehensive due to all the unrest that they've had in Israel, but everything went very smooth and there were numerous times that tears would come to my eyes at the realization that this was the place where the Lord walked and talked, taught his followers and healed the sick. It was a trip I will never forget, a trip of a lifetime!!!
 Two Hasidic Jews walking near the Wailing Wall, reading the Torah.
 This was a very common sight, a young woman in the Israeli military with a machine gun strapped across her body. This girl was at a restaurant we ate at. It scared me a little at first to see this, but it is so normal to them. At times we would pass groups of young soldiers that looked just like this.

 Pastor Holmes, Rev. Jason Calhoun, my husband, and Rev. Wesley Jackson in the Upper Room.
 A street in old town Jerusalem. I thought it was so quaint, reminding me of exactly what I would imagine it to look like. At times while walking down these streets I would think, 'These are the streets down which people walked in Jesus' day, being passed by camels, donkeys with carts, Roman soldiers, etc.' It was an amazing thought.
 Nathan and myself taking a camel ride.

 This is the Eastern Gate. If you look closely you can see the 2 arches that are the actual gates, but one day they'll open, on that Resurrection Morning!

 This was a Muslim mosque we visited. Our tour guide was Palestinian/Christian so he was able to get us in places that the Jewish tour guides could not have visited.
 Visiting Ben Yehuda St.
 The Dead Sea
 Nathan and myself
 The mosque at nighttime. Five times a day they have their call to pray, it is a very eery sound.
 This is the Wailing Wall. We went down there numerous times to pray.

 Another very common sight
 The ruins of an old city.
 The Jordan River
 Some of the group resting in Capernaum.
 Nathan and myself outside the gates of Capernaum.
 The Sea of Galilee
 The boat on which we sailed the Sea of Galilee.
 This is the home of Mary, at which the angel appeared to her, telling her she was to be the mother of the Christ.
 This is a sign we passed, put up by the Muslim people. Thankful I know the One, True God.
 The valley of Meggido, where the Battle of Armageddon will take place.
 The ruins of Herod's palace, on the Mediterranean Sea.

Benson's 1st day at Calvary Academy

I was looking through pictures from this fall and got sentimental, so I thought I'd post a few. This fall my 'baby boy' started K-4. What an emotional day, and week preceding! I'm not one given to excessive emotion, but I must say that this momentous day in our life definitely 'pushed the button'! However, Benson has done exceptional in school and I am so very proud of him (and it is slightly easier 6 months into it!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Very Special Guest-Mr. Max

Unfortunately, I overlooked a very special guest at the recent birthday party, Mr. Max Alexander White! My sister, Megan and brother-in-law, PJ have been evangelizing and just happened to be close enough to be with us for several days! We were so happy that they were able to be a part of the celebration, as well as my precious and scrump-dilly-itious nephew, Max! He is such a kissable baby!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Benson's 5th Birthday

On February 9th, my little man turned 5 years old! We had a big party planned for that evening, but much to our surprise we got about 6 inches of snow. So we had to postpone the party until the next week, but we made it as special as possible with just our 4, which included sledding! So I included a picture of the Birthday Boy sledding!!! It also included cake and a bunch of presents for him to open. His final gift was a knight costume complete with helmet, leather vest, sword and sheath! He was over the moon!!!

Benson wanted to go to Jump Zone for his birthday, so we indulged him! It was quite a lot of fun. Oh, how I wished I could climb around on those big air structures, but alas, the adults weren't allowed!!! Happy 5th Birthday Benson! We love you!