Easter Sunday 2012

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Vacation to Maine

Bush Family Compound

 Claire and Beatrice being silly in the back of the van!

Nathan's 3 lb. lobster

Benson's lobster

Claire, Cydney, Beatrice and Benson

Fun with friends in Bar Harbor

Benson and Beatrice waiting for the Lobster Tour boat

Taking a Lobster Tour

Watching them pull up the lobster traps

Benson and Nathan holding a lobster

Beatrice holding a hermit crab

And holding a starfish

On the way to Prince Edward Island, Nathan's about to go crazy

Anne of Green Gables, the musical

Poppie with one huge claw from his lobster

Fun in Avonlea

Enjoying Raspberry Cordial

Playing in a life-size lobster trap