Easter Sunday 2012

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun with Dad at Burn's Park

Thursday I had a Doctor appointment, so Nathan said he would keep the kids for me. They decided to go have a little fun at Burn's Park, and I missed out, but he took some pictures. Made my day!!!

I love these 2 little munchkins and their dad more than anything in the whole world!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Benson's 5 year Pictures

Benson got his 5 year pictures taken by Tyler Culpepper just a few days ago! This is the only one I've seen, but I thought it was pretty amazing! Thanks again, Tyler!!!! Stay tuned to see the rest of these amazing  pictures!!!

San Francisco and No Limits March 2011

On February 28, my husband and myself, sans children, flew to Sacramento, CA. He had attended No Limits conference last year at Bro. Myles Young's church and when he returned he had been so blessed he insisted that I go back with him this year. We left Monday and decided to spend a day and a half in San Francisco just to look around and relax a bit. My dear, sweet sister-in-law had agreed to keep our 2 kiddos! We had a great time in San Francisco, eating, shopping, eating, site-seeing, eating and just being together and did I mention eating!!! We definitely took advantage of the fabulous seafood, i.e. fish and chips, dungeness crab, crab louis, etc. We also went down to Pier 39, took a trolley ride. We had great fun!!! Here are a few pics of our time there.

Nathan and myself on the trolley.
My fabulous Crab Louis!!!!!

All the while, we were receiving pictures of the great time Benson and Beatrice were having with their cousins!!!
On Wednesday, we left and went back to Sacramento for the conference to start that night. It was seriously amazing the move of God that we felt each service, it seemed that it was from the very first word spoken or first note played. One night the altar service just kept going, everyone was getting renewed and touched. There were baptisms and then it seemed to die down and a hush swept the room. Everyone was just kind of sitting or at the altar praying, Bro. and Sis. Wilson were sitting on the platform praying together, Bro. Young was at the keyboard and suddenly Sis. Wilson started speaking in tongues. It was so moving, powerful! When she finished there was a pause and Bro. Wilson gave the interpretation. Tears come to my eyes as I write this because it made such an impression on me the way they were totally on the same wave length, it was like they were working together in the Holy Ghost. It was SO powerful! I will definitely be back! The Youngs and the Wilsons and the Rock Church family were incredible hosts, opening their home, the wonderful fellowship and food, etc. I was so blessed!!!! A big Thank You from the Holmes'!
Myself, Brittany Godwin, London Young and my sister, Megan White
Rev. Joel Booker, my husband, and Rev. Brandon Wilmoth.
My sweet Mr. Max!!!
London Young, Aisha Buxton, and Megan.
Rev. Jon Shoemake, my husband and Rev. Brandon Wilmoth.
Rachael Wilmoth, myself, Megan and KC Morton
Sweet mommy-to-be Kristie Rowell!!!
Kristie, Kim, London, Sis. Clark, Nolan and Joni
My Maxster couldn't make it. He fell asleep in Sis. Tashauna Jones' arms. 
On our late night run to Marie's we caught them!!!!
Fun times!!!

Winter Weather 2011

I ran across these pictures of the snow we got on Benson's birthday! We had so much fun!!!!