Easter Sunday 2012

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter this year! Thought I'd share a few highlights!!!
 Benson and Beatrice in their Easter duds!!!

Easter baskets all ready for my two kiddos!
 Lunch at Flying Fish!!! Benson is sporting his dad's hat!

 Poppie, Nonnie with their grandkids: Cydney & Claire Cypert and Benson & Beatrice Holmes

 Beatrice with her Great-Grandma Burr

Cousins sitting by the "HOPE" Easter logo!
Our little family

Vintage Pepsi

I'm loving this "Throwback" Pepsi logo! It reminds me of what was printed on those tall glass pop bottles when I was a kid! Oh my, I'm giving away my age now!!!

My 2 Angels

Just a few  nights ago I had prepared the kids for bed and told them to go get in my bed because their dad wasn't to be home until really late. I went in to check on them and took this picture!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Disney on Ice

This week Disney on Ice came to Little Rock! It was the Disney Princess production, so "Pince Chawmy"(Nathan) had promised "Cinderewa"(Beatrice) that we would go, Beatrice is infatuated with princesses. It really was amazing!!!

It was so fun to see the kids' faces as they enjoyed seeing Mickey and Minnie and all the prince and princesses!

Trip to Oregon

Just this past week Beatrice and myself took a trip to Oregon to see my family. Actually, my sister, Megan, and I kind of secretly conspired. We decided that I would surprise them instead of telling them I was coming. I got in about midnight Wednesday, April 13. It was too late to keep them up so Megan said she would stay up and watch for me and we could wait for the next morning to surprise them! I got to McMinnville about 2 a.m. Megan let me in the house and helped us get our things. It was hard to go to sleep that night knowing what kind of a surprise we had waiting for the next morning! When we awoke the next morning, we crept downstairs and both walked into the kitchen at the same time! They only expected it to be Megan so when we walked in together...well, lets just say, I'm certainly glad no one had a heart attack! The color drained completely from my mother's shocked face and my dad leaned to one side, eyes wide, and replied with a series of 'oh's'! Needless to say, it was a complete surprise. We had fun that day surprising everyone else too, from my brother and sister in law to my sweet grandmother(my mom's mother) and also my grandfather(my dad's father)!!!

I was so pleased that I was able to make the trip, because I was able to hear my grandmother speak at one of the services. I also got to celebrate a few birthdays-my mother's, my grandmother's, my sister in law's, and my grandfather who turned 94 this year. What wonderful memories!!!

 My sweet grandmother speaking in service! She always does an amazing job.

 My spunky grandfather who turned 94 years young on April 16.

 Beatrice and her cousin Savannah at a wedding we attended.

 Beatrice looking at the tulips!

 Beatrice and Grampa Davies!

 Cousins!!! Beatrice, Max, Olivia, and Savannah

 Mom's fabulous chicken and sausage gumbo!!!

 Savannah and Beatrice playing at Mimi and Papa's

 Olivia and Max having fun together!

 Little girls playing dress-up in the playroom! Savannah, Olivia and Beatrice.

 P.F. Chang's after a fun day of shopping!

 Mimi and Max

 I found Beatrice, waiting to get her hair combed, in the playroom quietly looking at books.

 Two of the birthday girls eating at Nick's Italian Cafe: Gramma and my mother

 My dad and Grampa Davies at the birthday celebration!

 My good-looking brother, Matt and Gramma Price.

 My sister, Megan(with a sleeping Max) and brother, Matthew and myself (and Miss Bea)

My precious sister in law, Tiffany with her girls, Savannah and Olivia and my Beatrice.

Benson Seeking for the Holy Ghost

Two Sunday Nights ago we had an incredible move of God. I have been praying for sometime that God would touch Benson's heart and he would seek for the Holy Ghost! He has prayed a few times, but I was hoping for something deeper! A few weeks previously I felt that the Lord dropped something in my heart considering this matter. I have really put it at the top of my prayer/wish list! So on this particular night I felt a determination for Benson to pray in a way he has not prayed. Soon a few others gathered around. The Lord's Spirit continued to move on Benson. His dad laid his hand on his head praying for him, he started crying! He continued to pray and cry! He did not receive the Holy Ghost that night, but I just wanted to testify in the face of opposition that we made progress that night. We had a Victory that night! I'm believing that Benson will get the Holy Ghost very soon!!!

MAYC 2011

This year Mid-America Youth Conference was so incredible! There is always a lot of preparation that goes into making it a success, from the banquets to the day activities and most importantly to the organization of the services! We started weeks in advance to select just the right aspects for each service i.e. the preachers, the worship leaders, choir songs, etc. We were so fortunate to have Sister Joy Norris come to offer her expertise to our Youth Music Team! We had rehearsals and warm-ups galore!!! It was work, but it was so fun at the same time! We were striving for an "excellent sacrifice", as Pastor Holmes frequently reminds us! The Lord definitely moved, not only in the evening services, but in the day sessions as well! Brother Nathan and I extend a HUGE THANK YOU to each and everyone who made it happen! Thank you to all of our FPC youth leaders/chaperones, the decorating crew, the cooks, the lighting crew, the musicians, the choir, the praise and worship teams! Thank you everyone, you guys ROCK!!!

Choir practice!!!

 My little choir director in training!

 My princess ready for service to start!
Sister Joy Norris, myself, Georgia Mills, Sister Jolynn Mills, Eden Mills, and Beatrice

More of Benson's 5 year pictures

I promised I would post more of Benson's 5 year pictures and here they are! We got a few with Miss Bea in there too!

My 2 angels are growing up so fast! I absolutely love these pics of them! Thanks again, Tye, for taking them! You're amazing!

Spring Break 2011

Here are some pictures from our Spring Break! We didn't do anything mind-blowing, but we did make some very special memories with the kids!!!

 We got to see the Panda Bears! They were so cute; this little guy was sacked out!

 The kids enjoyed playing outside at home. They had a picnic at their playground/fort. They loved that!

 Mr. B eating ribs at Whole Hog! He loves ribs!
Yogurt at Red Mango!!! Yum, Yum!